Spring-Summer Trends 2021 (Art on the horizon)

Interior Design Trends of Spring/Summer 2021: 

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Bidding farewell to many iconic design trends, the upcoming warmer season brings a shift to the unique and creative aspects of our interior spaces. Focusing upon comfort-driven, art and artisan personalized options, a global earthy look can easily transform your home into a relaxing artistic retreat. 

Here are the Top Design Summer Trends of 2021: 

● Earthtone Color/Neutrals: The impact of color in our spaces can greatly affect our outlook. A well designed palette helps a space maintain interest and creates the perfect balance. Start with a neutral foundation for large ticket items, and build from there. Neutrals of oatmeal, creams, whites, greiges blended with earthtones make a space feel relaxing, and on trend.

Enrich your home with both a mix of warm/cooler tone earthy neutrals with textures. The vigor and energy of warm colors can give your home energy this summer while a balance of cool keeps the space feeling grounded and tranquil. Tones of burnt oranges and olive greens remain the top hues this coming season giving a refreshing uplift to your home with these grounded colors and textures.

Gleaming in sunlight, subdued shades of red, yellow, and orange can truly give your home a powerful punch and produce mental alertness. Pantone has claimed yellow as the color of the year 2021. Cool tones of blues, greens, grays give a feeling of mystic and tranquility to calm. Adding art with shades of these hues allows a cohesive blend and creates a modern, fresh space.

● Embrace The Maximalist interior space: The year 2021, has finally taken a turn in favor of maximalist interior spaces. Seeking homes that celebrate a sense of individuality, maximalist interiors truly vouch for details that tie in with your personality and interest. This year's focus is towards personalized décor that acts as a conversation piece to reveal your life's story. This summer express yourself with your favorite décor items for a truly fulfilling personalized haven.

 ● Add a touch of Global Influence: With a growing urge to personalize spaces, global influence has certainly made it to the top design trend this year. Seeking handmade products from all around the world, this trend shows off the skills of local artisans everywhere. Ranging from unique wall art to exclusive wood and rattan accessories, global décor items can truly add more depth and value to your home. From the revival of plaster walls and travertine, to the addition of rattan and wicker accents, earthy textures continue to deliver warmth and comfort. If you have a keen eye for detail, layering colors and textures are key.  

  • Adorn your home with unique light fixtures: Providing the perfect finishing touches, lighting fixtures serve as a key design feature for any contemporary space. Moving from the norm of metallic lights, this year we dive deep into braided and knotted textile fixtures. These unconventional lighting fixtures can provide a soft and grounded feel to the home celebrating the warmth and comfort of natural texture.

Design trends this year truly rejoice in the spirit of relaxation with natural textures and color schemes. Shaping our way to be unique and personalized, the ultimate goal this year remains to attain a rich and comfortable living space that can truly enhance our day-to-day experience.

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