A POP of Color: Creating Colorful Flower Gardens!

Many beginner gardeners don’t plan color schemes or consider the impact of color. Without some thought, choosing too many colors or poor mixing of color along with choosing the wrong fit of plants can create a wild mess. Understanding color combinations, type of garden designs and plants that will grow appropriately in your space is the key for creating your perfect garden, landscape or potted creation.

Tips from our Garden Color Designers:

Decide on the energy/temperature of your garden: Color evokes feelings and energy. Depending on the color “temperature” the colors in your garden can evoke different energy that has huge impact. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to first decide what type of feeling you want to convey with your garden.

Creating raised beds, in-ground plots or container gardens is like a work of art. There are many more colors than green in our rainbow of color choices.

Are you seeking vibrant and energizing? Something fun and engaging, perfect for the creative soul or party lover? For more colorful gardens, keep the color temperature warm and amp up the contrast.

Choose YOUR Focus Color: ONE color at a time! To get started, First step is to choose one single color. Pick your favorite color and this will be the beginning of your color scheme! Keep it simple.

Research native plants in this color: Know your native plants that grow well in your area/considering type of soil and location of where you are planting. What works in your space depends on the type of soil, location, sun-light/shade factors and zones. Our Garden Pros can help you make solid decisions on what can work and have the best chance for growing well with little maintenance.

Choose a design style for your garden: Styles of gardens vary greatly and give a sense of flow for the space. Choosing the style is very important to keep consistency for the look you are achieving.

Do you love the look of a Cottage Garden, Traditional, Zen, Modern, or Rock Garden? Do you love the easy simplicity of potted, move-able gardens or more landscaped plots, raised beds? Are you interested in easy maintenance that comes up yearly or do you enjoy the fun of planting annually.

Deciding on the style and considering these factors gives you an easy starting point to create the arrangement that works best for you.

Creating Attention to the Details: Once you choose your base color, style of garden, look and feel, and plants that work with your soil, zone/sunlight/shade conditions, Let the FUN begin! You can now incorporate plant combinations, colors mixtures and focal points into your design.

Planning your color palette and types of plants that will best be suited for your particular conditions; will save you tons of time, money and frustrations of designing and purchasing the wrong plants.

Think about your garden in terms of a color scheme,” a piece of art” with plant combinations that have the best chance of survival. In terms of Color Combinations, understanding the color wheel is a helpful tool to help you choose your best look.

Need Help or More Tips: Our Team works individually with each client and uses the Color Wheel/Color Theory to design mood boards that create a visual to help with amazing color combinations for looks you will love. We welcome your questions.

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