Outdoor Tranquil Living Spaces- Designs by Tangerine Sky

Life can be busy… Creating tranquil outdoor spaces that give the illusion of a sanctuary allows a feeling of escape from the chaos of life. Whether you have a small balcony or an expansive backyard, your outdoor space can breathe fresh air and tranquility to an otherwise unimpressive area.

Creating Flow- No matter the size of your outdoor living areas, your spaces will flow easily and fluidly by creating traffic flow that allows easy functioning walk-ability. Create flow with walkways, pavers, river stones, and hardscape materials.

Our design team works together with hardscaping to create the perfect patio/walkway that gives an inviting flow under the deck.  Starting with an area that gives room for entertaining and a bar with umbrella this patio is a welcome spot to enjoy the garden. 

Pavers and riverstones form the pathway that flow into the spiral stairway, which wraps  upward to the upper deck.  Neutral Gray was used for the pavers with gray grout that blends and avoids contrast between the grout and payers.  ( The general rule for grouting is to go one shade lighter than the stone slabs, and recess it slightly)

Comfortable seating- When relaxing is key,  Under deck provides a perfect shaded area to regroup with a swing with padded cushion. The light and airy feeling provides the perfect setting for an early morning coffee, an iced tea in the afternoon or as the sun sets, a glass of sangria. Night-time lighting provides an opportunity to sit under the stars, as twinkle and illuminate lighting enhances the walkways, upper deck and garden areas. Large Container pots:  Large Burgundy tropical plants create the focal point for the container garden. Pops of white and pale pinks accent with greens spilling down the side. A hanging large burgundy plant accents and blends making the space a perfect blend of colors.

To the right of the deck is an easy care courtyard garden that creates day to evening views of easy care perennials.  These varieties transition from Spring into Autumn with a mix of  wheat grasses, Purple/Pinks hydrangea and a mix of drought tolerant varieties.  Large stepping stones lead through the courtyard gate giving the feeling of privacy and seclusion.

Relax and enjoy every moment…

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